Wyoming Whiskey

Wyoming Whiskey Single Barrel


Depending upon the unknowns of the Big Horn Basin summer heat, the cold of the Wyoming winter and the appetite of angels, one barrel yields about 220 bottles. Chosen from a rickhouse of many, for its singular character and taste. Bottled to capture this unique bourbon and moment in time, both of which will never happen again.

Tasting Notes

Color: deep copper to mahogany

Nose: browned butter, Cola, black currant and dried dates,

Palate: Cola, dark chocolate, buttered pastry, dried date and fig, raisin and orange citrus.

Mouthfeel: full and rich, chewy, spicy, creamy with nuts.

Finish: long finish; dry, but with lingering impressions of butter crème, candied orange peel, and dark dried fruit.

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