Sip Great Bourbon. Win Holy Grails.

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The Bourbon Mystery Box

Transform the way you buy bourbon. Get 3-4 stellar bottles. And, a chance to win Van Winkle.

3-4 Fantastic Bottles of Whiskey

Minimum Package Value Of $300+

Chance To Receive a Pappy Van Winkle 23 Year

Personalized Bourbon Tasting Guide

The Pappy Van Winkle 23 Year Is Valued At $5,000!

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The Best Whiskey Boxes In The Game

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Don't rely on state or local bourbon lotteries.

Get a $300+ valued box of phenomenal bourbon and a chance to win Van Winkle.

Fast + Secure Shipping

3-4 Whiskies Per Box

Guaranteed Value - $300+

Getting Great Bourbon Has Never Been Easier

It's as simple as sip, win, repeat.


Order Online & Receive Within 5 Business Days, Insured


Sip Through Each With Personalized Tasting Notes


Repeat! With each box augmenting your odds to win a Pappy Van Winkle

1,968 Reviews

The Mystery Bourbon Box

High-Rated Bourbon

Minimum Value Of $300+

What's in the box?

3-4 Fantastic, High-Rated Bottles of Bourbon or Rye, worth $300+

1 Personalized Tasting Guide

Chance To Receive A Pappy Van Winkle 23 Year



As an avid lover of great bourbon, I find myself constantly searching for those rare and elusive BTAC gems. However, the Mystery Bourbon Box has proven to be a game-changer. Not only do I get to indulge in exceptional bourbon, but I also have the opportunity to discover a coveted bottle, such as a Van Winkle, with each delivery. I highly recommend this experience to anyone seeking to enhance their bourbon appreciation journey.

Our Fan Favorite Bottles!

...By Popular Demand, Lookout For These In Your Box

New Riff 6 Year Malted Rye

Spicy and complex, aged to perfection. A true bourbon connoisseur's selection.

Penelope Toasted Series

Penelope's toasted notes will make your taste buds dance!

Widow Jane Lucky 13

Notes of vanilla and toffee, and a finish that's long and clean

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By working closely with these brands and others, we are able to gain access to their latest and greatest products, as well as exclusive items. We carefully select each item that goes into our mystery boxes, ensuring that they are of the highest caliber and are sure to provide a truly exceptional experience.

Taste The Difference

Guaranteed Bang-For-Your-Buck

Seamless Delivery

Receive Allocated Bottles

Insured To Your Doorstep

No Recurring Charges

Win-Win For All!

Mystery™ Bourbon Box

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The Bourbon Talk Doesn't Stop With Your Box

Welcome to a world where education and bourbon lovers come together! "The Booze Review" offers a deep dive into the hottest whiskies on the market. We carefully evaluate each bottle from the initial nose to the complex palate and smooth finish, and provide detailed ratings to help guide your purchasing decisions.

The Booze Review

Penelope Architect Build No. 3 Review

Penelope Architect Bourbon is a smooth and well-balanced whiskey, with notes of vanilla, caramel, and oak, making it a great addition to any collection.

The Booze Review

George T. Stagg 2022 (138.7 Proof)

George T Stagg 2022 is a powerhouse bourbon with bold flavors of dark fruit, oak, and spice, perfect for sipping on a special occasion.


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