Buffalo Trace Antique Collection

Sazerac 18 Year Rye Whiskey

Appearance: Coppery apricot Nose: A very pure nose. Nice, bold rye immediately – pumpernickel bread, mint, and a strange but pronounced note of pineapple, including the skin. I love this – feels honest and straightforward. Palate: Just pure rye character here too, through and through. There’s a moderate sweetness, on the sweeter side for rye, which really gives the impression of delicious spiced baked goods. It’s very grainy, without a ton of fruit character. Exhaling after a sip is like biting into a piece of warm whole-grain gingerbread cake, spices and all. I find this relatively easy-going, despite a moderate alcohol warmth and a good amount of tannic structure – you can really feel the oak on the sides of your tongue.

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