Duke Bourbon

Duke Bourbon Grand Cru Founder's Reserve

$128.99 $154.99

The nose contains lots and lots of cherry, a hint of cabernet. There’s old wood furniture and a bit of wood polish as well. On the pallet is has a very thick and rich mouthfeel. It starts off a bit savory-sweet with some salted caramel. This gives way to a really rich, dark cherry flavor that dominates. After the cherry comes a bit of oak, a hint of cola, and a little bit of something nutty, sort of like salted, roasted peanuts. The finish goes on for seemingly forever. It starts with more that rich, dark cherry flavor along with some vanilla and crème. Some more of that salted, roasted peanut flavor comes out as well with a hint of the a bit of oak and rye. It ends with something that reminds me of cherry soda.

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