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Blood Oath Bourbon Trilogy — Second Edition


Included within this trilogy: Blood Oath Bourbon Pact No. 4, Blood Oath Pact No. 5, Blood Oath Bourbon Pact No. 6

Tasting Notes: 

Pact No. 4 — Rich caramel, honey, and spicy oak followed with smooth vanilla and warm chocolate undertones from the toasted barrels. Age — 12 Year Rye Bourbon, 10 Year Rye Bourbon, 9 Year Rye Bourbon finished in Toasted Oak Barrels for 7 months. 

Pact No. 5 — Sweet dark rum notes, vanilla, caramelized sugar, dark fruit. Age — 13 Year Rye Bourbon, 11 Year Wheated Bourbon, and an 8 Year Rye Bourbon finished in used Caribbean Dark Rum barrels. 

Pact No. 6 — Caramel with hints of spiced raisins and dark berries. Age — 14 Year extra-aged Ryed Bourbon, an 8 Year Ryed Bourbon, and a 7 Year Ryed Bourbon finished in Cognac barrels. 

Each Blood Oath Trilogy package contains all 3-750 ML bottles at 98.6 proof.  

 The beauty of this trilogy is that, if you missed their original releases, this provides another opportunity to grab pacts No. 4, 5, and 6; plus only 1,400 of these trilogies have ever been released!

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