Bib & Tucker

Bib & Tucker Small Batch Bourbon


A flavor profile that errs more on the unique side of the spectrum. There are a lot of bourbon drinkers that will probably dismiss Bib & Tucker because of its almost too unique flavor profile. It’s odd, but not necessarily downright bad. Despite looking similar to Bulleit’s bottle design, the bourbon inside is the farthest thing from it. Bib & Tucker is a much more challenging bourbon, because it plays with the standard bourbon flavor profile. I really would have like to have seen what a few more years in the barrel would have done to this bourbon. Bib & Tucker would have benefited greatly with more oak notes in its flavor profile. As is, this is definitely a try-before-you-buy bottle. If you feel like taking a gamble, you might be rewarded with a bourbon that challenges you in the best of ways. Even if you don’t like it, there isn’t a better looking bottle on the market to collect dust.

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