Japanese Sake Bundle

$97.99 $113.97

Included within this set: 1 Midorikawa Junmai Sake, 1 Shirakawago Sake Sasanigori, and 1 Kakujo Sake Junmai Ginjo Castle Of Cranes.

Sake (酒)simply means 'alcohol' in Japanese. The Japanese word for what we think of as 'sake' is nihonshu (日本酒), which means 'Japanese alcohol,' and is made from fermented rice. With the global spread of Japanese cuisine, sake has now become popular around the world.

In order to make a good-quality Japanese sake, producers need a pure water source, rice, koji (rice mold), and yeast for fermentation. Sake is made in breweries around Japan and is consumed everywhere. While there's a whole realm to explore, there's no better way to get started than with this bundle. 

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