Concierge Item Request Form

Stretching back as far as 1998, our goal has been to provide you with wine and spirits that don't just taste delicious, but that help create memorable and unique experiences. It isn't just what we drink that stays with us forever, but where we were and who we were with.

It is with that in mind we've launched our new Concierge Service, giving our customers the ability to utilize our expertise and industry connections to procure rare, exclusive products that are otherwise nearly impossible to find. The best part? This is a free service, meaning that there is no risk to you if we're unable to find what you're looking for.

The reality of retail is that there are some products out there that we're unable to carry or, perhaps, aren't even available in our area. Our Concierge Service expands our reach exponentially, opening up the possibilities of what we're able to offer and what you're able to now enjoy from your favorite neighborhood shop. Whether you're looking for small-batch whiskies that you've only heard stories about or "unicorn" wines that you sometimes see on your favorite sommelier's Instagram account, let us help bring them to you, risk-free.