The Best Tequila Gift Baskets For Every Occasion in 2022

The Best Tequila Gift Baskets For Every Occasion in 2022

Everyone loves tequila, and by virtue of that, tequila gift baskets. It's rapidly turning into America's favorite spirit and for good reason. It's sweet and refreshing, but as much as we love drinking this spirit produced in Mexico, sometimes it's not enough. That is why we will be showing you two great gift baskets that will guarantee to fulfill a friend or loved one's tequila addiction! These tequila gift baskets feature incredible tequila variants, that have won a host of awards from some of the top tasting panels across the U.S. The blue agave based product is paired with a gift basket of the ideal snacks and accessories that make or break a true tequila gifting experience!

Best Tequila Gift Baskets: The Tour of Luxury, Komos Tequila

Komos Tequila Gift Basket

In the world of tequila, “ultra luxury” is a word that gets thrown around a lot especially when it comes to the higher end brands. We've seen a surge of this as of recent, as tequila overtakes other institutional spirits to become the crowned prince of the category. As a result, people struggle to find the true catalysts that live up to these claims. Komos Tequila Añejo Cristalino is one of those high end spirits that lives up to the claim. This one-of-a-kind tequila is amazing in all aspects. From the unique and complicated nose, to the amazing sweet palate, and a finish that has people looking forward to the next sip. Komos brings together cultures, along with unique production techniques that sets it apart from other high-end tequilas. Komos is the first and only tequila brand to achieve a 100 point score by Panel Magazine, a rating that is well deserved in all regards.

Here, we've paired it with the perfect tequila gift basket that includes 1 Komos Cristalino Añejo, 2 Casamigos Minis, 1 Codigo 1530 Rosa Mini, 2 himalayan pink salt shot glasses, 2 packs of premium roasted nuts and a bag of jalapeño lime tortilla chips. With all of these goodies, the recipient of our tequila gift basket can choose to sip on sip on their charcoal-refined Komos Cristalino with the perfect pinch of salt delivered by our himalayan shot glasses. Or, if they're in the mood for some munchies, they can crack open the bag of jalapeño lime tortilla chips included in the gift basket, replacing the work in rimming a glass with lime and spice and, instead, enjoy it on their palate, courtesy of these phenomenal chips.

Best Tequila Gift Baskets: The Spirit of Mexico, Clase Azul Tequila

Clase Azul Reposado Tequila Gift Basket

Clase Azul Reposado is a Mexican symbol of culture and tradition. This bottle is the most popular variant produced by the world famous estate. This premium reposado tequila is made with slow-cooked Blue Agave. It is aged in oak barrels for at least eight months, then rotated into bourbon barrels, giving it an intense gold color and making it incredibly smooth on the palate. Clase Azul Reposado has a soft and clean texture and a sweet vanilla taste which makes it the ideal sipping tequila. It is recognized around the world as one of the best reposados ever made. The traditional design, hand-painted by Mexican artisans, and the tequila’s original flavor combined with its unique blue tint makes this bottle an icon for any tequila connoisseur.

This gift basket includes a bottle of Clase Azul Reposado, 2 Casamigos Minis, 1 Codigo Mini, 2 himalayan pink salt shot glasses, 3 packs of premium roasted nuts, and a beautiful ceramic coaster. Treat a great friend, relative, or co-worker to this iconic tequila gift basket that includes the best of Jalisco and a host of wonderful snacks and accessories to pair with the liquid gold that Clase Azul undeniably is.