5 Best Extra Añejo Tequilas to Try in 2022

5 Best Extra Añejo Tequilas to Try in 2022

Extra Añejo tequilas are great for sipping on individually. Coming in between 70 and 90 Proof, they're found at a variety of prices, but are nonetheless always ultra premium drinks. They can start just under $100 and make way into several thousand dollars per bottle, for good reason.

"The process of crafting such luxury tequilas begins around a full decade before the liquid ever reaches your glass, with the planting of 100% blue agave in the estate’s richest volcanic soils," says Alex Coronado, master distiller at Jose Cuervo. Coronado finds that the each element of crafting an extra añejo tequila is observed with importance. During harvest season, only the most flavorful inner sections of hand-selected blue agave plants are used and cooked for almost 48 hours before being aged in French and American Oak to perfection.

That's why Jose Cuervo's award-winning Reserva De La Familia tequila is one of our top picks.

Craving one of these fantastic tequila with some added complexity? See the best extra añejo tequilas on the market below:

What are Extra Añejo Tequilas?

Traditional Añejo tequila means that the tequila is aged. Extra Añejo Tequilas, thus, are tequilas that are aged for several years, ways beyond a regular añejo or aged tequila.

Tequila distilled from agave starts its journey in a silver, or clear (blanco) form. When a blanco tequila is aged for up to 1 year, it then evolves into a reposado tequila; when matured for up to 3 years, it is a añejo tequila; and, when aged for 3+ years, it is an extra añejo tequila.

5 Best Extra Añejo Tequilas to Try in 2022: 

Best Overall Extra Añejo Tequila: Jose Cuervo Reserva De La Familia

Jose Cuervo Reserva De La Familia | Best Extra Anejo Tequilas To Try in 2022

ABV: 40% | 100% Agave | Tasting Notes: Vanilla, Oak, Roasted Apple, Agave

Jose Cuervo is often associated with college kids and spring break fun. But, this tequila shows that those stereotypes don't always apply. It's designation of 'Reserva De La Familia' means that the tequila was initially reserved for founding family of Jose Cuervo. It's made from 100% blue agave matured in the Cuervo Estate's richest volcanic areas and grown for 10-12 years. It comes with a beautiful artist collaboration box commissioned by the Cuervo family to support Mexico-based artists. Jorge Padro was most recently selected to design the box to tell the story of jimadors laboring in agave fields. Beneath the wax seal and custom label lies an incredibly smooth sipping tequila. It offers wonderful tasting notes of roasted nut and tropical fruit with undertones of rich oak. It's a must try tequila for cognac or bourbon lovers.

Best Sipping Extra Añejo Tequila: Amor Mio Extra Añejo

Amor Mio Extra Anejo | Best Extra Anejo Tequilas to Try in 2022

ABV: 40% | 100% Agave | Tasting Notes: Caramel, Butterscotch, Tropical Fruit, Oak, Pepper

Seeing the beautiful ceramic bottle that this tequila comes in transports you straight to Jalisco. It shines light on why so many people in the broader region refer to tequila as "amor mio" or their love. This 100% blue agave tequila is aged for 48 months is French oak barrels. The extensive age statement craft a tequila that is extremely light on the palate, packaged with aroma and flavor. On the nose, we get prominent notes of vanilla and roasted nuts. On the palate, the delicate legs of the tequila linger giving off vanilla, dark chocolate, and pure cooked agave with some roasted nuts. Sip this tequila straight with your favorite chocolate, crepe, or cigar

Best Cristalino Extra Añejo Tequila: Maestro Dobel 50 Cristalino

Maestro Dobel 50 | Best Extra Anejo Tequilas to Try in 2022

ABV: 40% | 100% Agave | Tasting Notes: Fig, Pineapple, Cinnamon, Vanilla

Wait, a clear, extra añejo tequila? How is that possible if extra añejo means a tequila is aged extensively in oak barrels that give that rustic brown color to tequila? Welcome to the Crisaltino World. Cristalino tequilas are añejo or extra añejo tequilas that are filtered through activated charcoal to remove the naturally occuring barrel color to produce a clear product with enhanced flavors. Maestro Dobel 50 is crafted with 100% blue weber agave sourced from a single family estate in Jalisco and later aged in American and Eastern European oak barrels for more than 3 years. Stored in a stunning decanter, the perfectly clear tequila sparkles with a platinum reflection. It gives off aromas of dried fruit, caramel, chocolate, and lightly smoked tobacco with lingering hues of vanilla and nutmeg. On the palate, the tequila is full-bodied, packing the flavors of ripe tropical fruit, warm spices, and vanilla. The Dobel 50 is the highest echelon tequila in the full Maestro Dobel family that also includes the Maestro Dobel Diamante.

Best Established Extra Añejo Tequila: Gran Patron Piedra Extra Añejo

Gran Patron Piedra | Best Extra Anejo Tequilas to Try in 2022

ABV: 40% | 100% Agave | Tasting Notes: Vanilla, Mushroom, Toasted Oak, Fresh Fruit

Patron is one of the most recognizable names in the world of tequila. It was producing extra añejo tequila far before it was "cool" and when the new and emerging brands hopped on the train. It's crafted with a centuries-old tahona distilling process exclusively at Patron's Hacienda in Jalisco. After the 100% blue weber agave is distilled, it is aged in French limousin and new American oak barrels for a total of 4 years. In its elegant box and crystal bottle, it radiates the perfect warm, deep mahogany hue. Out of the bottle, it gives aromas of fresh fruit with hints of toasted oak. On the palate, it offers an incredibly smooth, long finish with a sweet, yet complex taste defined by toasted vanilla, mushroom, and agave. It's best served straight for in a Tahona Sidecar cocktail.

Best Unique Extra Añejo Tequila: Komos Extra Añejo

Komos Extra Anejo | Best Extra Anejo Tequilas to Try in 2022

ABV: 40% | 100% Agave | Tasting Notes: Butterscotch, Pear, Butter, Dried Fruit

Komos is unique for many reasons. Not only is it a rather new ultra-premium tequila, but it is the first tequila to ever earn a perfect 100 point score from the tasting panel. It is made from blue weber agave harvested from the Jalisco region of Mexico that is then double distilled. It is aged for at least three years in American oak whiskey barrels as well as French white wine barrels. This imbues flavors into the tequila that are not common in many others. The result is an incredibly smooth, luxurious, and flavorful tequila. Opening up the beautiful bottle engraved to show the symbols of the sun, salt and sea, we get aromas of orange blossom, vanilla and oak. On the palate, the tequila offers a lengthy finish with notes of peach, lavender, butter, dried fruit, and roasted nuts. It's best served neat or on the rocks, or, on special occasions, in your go-to margarita.