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Penelope Architect Private Build Review

Bourbon is one of the most iconic and beloved spirits in the world, and for good reason. It's rich, flavorful, and has a long history of craftsmanship. One of the latest entrants into the world of bourbon is Penelope Architect Straight Bourbon Whiskey, a new spirit that has quickly established itself as a standout. Penelope took on the challenge of making a bourbon finished in French oak staves and executed it flawlessly.

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At the heart of this whiskey is the private barrel selection process. Our team carefully tasted and selected a barrel to ensure that only the finest and most flavorful whiskey was used in our selection of the Penelope Architect. We decided to go with the "complex staves" option and we allowed for the bourbon to age for 6 weeks in the barrel. The result is a whiskey that is smooth, balanced, and truly unique.

First, let's start with the taste. Penelope Architect is a balanced whiskey that has a distinct and complex flavor profile. On the nose, you'll immediately notice a hot but sweet and caramel-like aroma with a hint of brown sugar. As you take a sip, the whiskey coats your mouth with flavors of seasoned oak and botanicals. The caramel and brown sugar flavors are prominent, but not overpowering. They are perfectly balanced with slightly spicy notes of seasoned oak and herbal notes of botanicals.

One of the things that sets this pour apart from other bourbons is how it tastes hot. While some whiskeys can become harsh and overpowering, Penelope Architect remains smooth and well-balanced even when it's enjoyed neat or on the rocks. This is thanks in part to the high-quality ingredients used in the production process, as well as the expertise of the private barrel selection process. One of our favorite aspects of this bourbon is the finish. The finish is absolutely amazing, one of the best finishes we’ve ever tried. This is one of those bourbons that’ll keep you sipping.

Another thing that sets Penelope Architect apart is its unique labeling. The whiskey comes in a sleek and stylish bottle that would look right at home in a high-end bar or on your home bar. The label is eye-catching and features a beautiful architectural design that reflects the spirit of the whiskey inside.

If you're looking for a new bourbon to add to your collection, then Penelope Architect Straight Bourbon Whiskey is definitely worth considering. With its smooth and well-balanced flavor profile, unique packaging, and high-quality ingredients, it's sure to be a hit with whiskey enthusiasts of all levels. Whether you're an experienced whiskey drinker or just starting out, this whiskey is sure to satisfy. So, go ahead, give it a try, and experience the taste of excellence for yourself!

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Penelope Bourbon