Johnnie Walker Blue Label: A Timeless Scotch

Johnnie Walker Blue Label: A Timeless Scotch

Johnnie Walker Blue Label is one of the world's most popular premium scotch whiskies. While the Black Label, Green Label, and Gold Label are all significant parts of the Johnnie Walker portfolio, and its parent company, Diageo's, bottom line, the Blue Label is the crown jewel. The Blue Label is known for its depth of flavor and luxurious qualities because only 1 in 10,000 casks make the cut to be blended into a batch of the whisky.

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When was Johnnie Walker Blue Label created?

In the late 1800s, Johnnie Walker & Sons was a relatively small, independent distillery. At the time, Johnnie Walker's son, Alexander Walker, concocted the Old Highland Whisky. As its name suggests, it was made to features flavors of the Old Highland, or Scotland, and its four distinct corners. Over the years, the Old Highland transformed into the pinnacle of Johnnie Walker's portfolio: the Blue Label. Along with its liquid gold, the Blue Label inarguably carries a plethora of tradition and history that stirs conversation and glasses alike.

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What does Johnnie Walker Blue Label taste like?

Coming in at 80 proof, Johnnie Blue is a blended whisky from Scotland. Its appearance is best summarized by an amber color with gold highlights seamlessly blended throughout.

On the nose: Warm spice, toasted brown sugar, charred oak, hints of arabica coffee

On the palate: The perfect medley of caramel and oak enhanced with dark cacao. Finishes with a cotton-candy-like feel, with lingering notes of the caramel, spice, and cacao melting away.

Is Johnnie Walker Blue Label Peaty?

For those new to whiskey, peat refers to a smoky compound that is often found in many Scotland native whiskies. It is created by flames that are then leveraged to dry malted barley. Some distilleries, like Ardbeg, for example, are known exclusively for their peated, or smoky whiskey. On the other hand, Johnnie Walker Blue Label is not peated significantly and offers only slight and simple notes of smokiness.

How much is Johnnie Walker Blue Label?

Johnnie Walker Blue Label retails between $190 to $250 in the United States, for a 750 mL bottle. While it can be hard to find sometimes at your local shop, it is always available online here.

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Final Thoughts:

For decades, Johnnie Walker has risen to be a staple in the premium scotch world. It has become a global symbol in retail stores, bars, and on special occasions. And, it's here to stay. While many whiskies are given the attribute of "smooth", Johnnie Walker Blue Label is perhaps one of the only ones that truly embodies it. Like sipping on a much light champagne or white wine, the Blue Label goes down without any further burn. Of course, the palate of the premium offering is complex and layered, offering both amateurs and connoisseurs a worthy experience.