Blanton's Bourbon Special Reserve Green Label


A fun novelty to try a glass if you get a chance, but save your money to buy one of the other international versions - either Blanton's Gold or Blanton's Straight from the Barrel. At just 80 proof, I can see how this would be a great line extension to introduce people to the Blanton's brand. I understand the concept is to sell this in foreign markets where the average consumer may prefer a lower proof bourbon. That being said, Blanton’s Original Single Barrel at 93 proof is only 13 proof higher, but boy does that extra bit of proof make a world of difference. And while I could see this being a great bourbon to use to make cocktails. Interestingly enough, the Blanton’s website recommends that this is best served on ice or in a cocktail. While I didn’t mix a cocktail with this, I did add an ice cube after my tasting to see why they recommended this method. I have to say that an ice cube utterly destroyed any light flavors in the palate and made the nose almost nonexistent. Even for a new bourbon drinker, I’d highly recommend not adding ice to this bourbon!

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