Tesla Tequila

Boy oh boy, this is one special release! Last time we got our hands on 3 bottles, they were out the door in a grand total of 6 minutes LOL. We just sourced some more — and don't miss out; check out a review below: 

Tesla Tequila is an exclusive, small-batch premium de agave tequila añejo that is made from sustainably sourced highland and lowland agaves. It has been aged for 15 months in French oak barrels and then poured into a hand-blown glass bottle. According to Tesla’s Tequila page, the flavor is that of dry fruit and light vanilla nose with a balanced cinnamon pepper finish. The bottle is beautifully designed into a lightning bolt that symbolizes what Tesla is all about.

Tesla Tequila is produced by Nosotros Tequila, which has won a Double Gold award for its “World’s Best-Tasting Tequila.” Nosotros has unique sourcing of its agave, half from the highlands of Jalisco and half from the lowlands. Both of its tequila products, blanco and reposado, are made with Blue Weber agave.

Blanco is also known as silver tequila and one of the best for mixing. It is often bottled right after its final distillation — often held in stainless steel, oak, or other containers for less than 60 days. Reposado, which means restful or rested, often refers to tequilas that have been aged for at least two months in oak barrels.

Tesla Tequila is reposado and is made from the blanco and placed in barrels that have been lightly charred. The burnt wood interacts with the tequila over time to create a flavor while mellowing the raw spirit. The website noted that most tequilas are aged in old American oak barrels — they use French which has a softer profile and touch that complements the agave. The taste has notes of honey, cinnamon, vanilla, and even butterscotch.